Program 19

Ann CallawayElizabethan Lyrics

Gallant Invention
Lacking my love
They flee from me

Richard Mix, bass
Ann Callaway, piano

Allen ShearerThinking Thoughts

Nadya Tichman, violin
Keisuke Nakagoshi, piano





Peter JosheffImages from the Past   

1 Mating calls
2 A gray ocean
3 Restless
4 Gadding about
5 Walking downhill
6 Bell roars
Warped Oracle: Images from the Past II
1 Clay feet
2 Crowed about rogue
3 Thug blocks pores
4 A woman’s elbow
5 Crawling now
6 Plum tree

Words & music by Peter Josheff

Peter Josheff, spoken voice
Keisuke Nakagoshi, piano





Ann CallawayCydonian Spring on five poems of Ezra Pound         
1 In Springtime the Kydonian Quinces
2 Heather
4 The Jewel Stairs’ Grievance
5 Doria (a Dorian Girl)

Amy Foote, soprano
Richard Mix, bass


Mary Watkins, Persuasion
Thalia Moore, cello
Karen Rosenak, piano

Allen Shearer, excerpts from the opera Jackie at Vassar, libretto by Claudia Stevens

Amy Foote, soprano
Allen Shearer, baritone
Claudia Stevens, mezzo soprano
Karen Rosenak, piano